Plug & Play sim card for CTSmall

A Danish SIM card is included.
The supplied SIM card uses Telia’s network on 4G (CAT.M) or 2G.

This is an agreement between the provider and the user of the SIM card. Before a SIM card can be used it must be activated and paid for.

SIM cards are delivered without a pincode and use the networks of Telia. Ready to put into CTSmall. The SIM card has a Danish mobile number but can also be used in other countryes. However, be aware that roaming from your own phone may cost extra.

The subscription fee is very reasonable and is the easiest way to get started with CTSmall.

For CTSmall to work, there must be coverage on the technology 4G (CAT.M) or 2G.What is chosen depends at least on the SIM card, as well as the network and CTSmall.

The agreement on the supplied SIM cards is between provider and the user of the SIM card. The provider take care of all support on the sim card.